Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alpine Loop

Fall is my absolute favorite season -- so when we heard about the Alpine Loop (a 20-mile loop through the canyons in the Salt Lake valley) and the gorgeous fall colors this time of year, we had to try it for ourselves. The route was absolutely incredible. As an Idaho girl used to bright yellows and a few dark reds during autumn, I was floored by the vivid pinks of the bushes and trees.

See a few of my favorite shots from the trip below. This is definitely going to be a tradition in our little family. I could not stop smiling and snapping photos throughout the journey.

Don't miss:
  • Guardsman Pass: If you don't have time to go anywhere else, take Guardsman Pass (which connects in Big Cottonwood Canyon) down to Midway, Utah. The majority of these photos were taken there, and the red bushes are absolutely phenomenal.
  • Sundance: There's a reason Robert Redford founded the Sundance Film Festival in this area. It's peaceful, rugged and stunning during the fall.
Getting there:
There are many ways to drive the Alpine Loop, but here's the route we took. Enter Big Cottonwood Canyon (take the belt route from I-15 to the 6200 South exit and follow the signs up to the canyon) and connect with Guardsman Pass at the top of the canyon. Follow Guardsman Pass over to Midway, Utah, and enter Provo Canyon via U.S. 189. Near the top of Provo Canyon, connect with American Fork Canyon via Hwy. 92. You'll pass Sundance Resort and eventually end up in American Fork, Utah; follow Hwy. 92 all the way to I-15.

  • Plan on this trip taking at least 3.5 hours, especially if you stop a lot to take pictures.
  • Don't drive your super-nice Porsche over Guardsman Pass (oh, wait -- a lot of people do that) if you don't want to damage it; part of the road is gravel and very steep.

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